At McCreesh & Associates we love the energy that comes with starting and growing businesses. We also love to see people succeed and to help them sustain and increase their successes. Which is of course why we find ourselves in the business of advice, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, tax planning and business mentoring.

In all the years working with individuals and small business, we have found that more often than not it is not the big issues (unique vision, finding a niche market, building market share, etc) that trip up businesses and individuals. It is the everyday mundane things that most of us hate to do and think about – cash flow, accounting and, yes, taxes! 

Having said this, we do believe that as an entrepreneur, businessperson or family trustee, you want to (and should be) spending your time on what your enterprise(s) does (do) and not on the administration systems that come as a result of what you are building.

Our vision: solving your problems

When we started McCreesh and Associates in 2007 our vision was to free people from this administrative burden that comes with business by being a one-stop financial shop of sorts. Our goal is not only to solve our clients’ bookkeeping, accounting and tax problems, but to also give them the peace of mind and freedom needed to take their ideas/organization/business interests to the next level.

We believe that good financial information is not an option and accordingly shouldn’t be left to chance. As the ultimate captain of industry Warren Buffet said: “Accounting is the language of business.” And you want yours to be eloquent! Your financial history should be well documented because it not only shows you where you are, but more importantly, it shows current or potential investors where you are and where you can go. In addition, it enables you to make sound decisions and it avoids costly tax and other money mistakes.

How we work

So how do we work our magic? Simple – we combine our experts, their knowledge and advice, with best-of-breed cloud accounting technologies producing bespoke solutions for each of our clients. This formula makes us really good at fixing up – and preventing – accounting, tax and other business muddles and problems. 

Over the years we have built up a varied customer base including:

  • High-net worth individuals and families with complex trusts and structures requiring tax compliance and structuring advice, accounting and corporate structuring; 
  • Start-up’s needing corporate structuring, bookkeeping and accounting, and tax advice and compliance; 
  • Salaried and commission earning individuals requiring tax compliance and planning;
  • Companies and businesses requiring outsourced payroll services whether the whole payroll or just the executive payroll and established businesses that have in-house bookkeeping but need accounting and tax services; and 
  • Growing companies that have outgrown their current accounting and admin systems and which are looking for technology and admin solutions.

So if you are open – or opening – for business, give us a call. We would love to take you to the next level.