COVID-19 tax relief measures 

SARS have updated their website with the latest relief measures relating to COVID-19. The following is a direct copy and paste of the text from SARS. Here is the link to the site page if you prefer to read it there:

Essentially you need to email SARS with supporting documentation supporting your claim for relief.

How to apply for the waiving of penalties for tax debt:

  • Larger businesses (with gross income of more than R100 million) that are incapable of making payment due to the COVID-19 disaster, may apply to defer tax payments without incurring penalties by emailing us on Note the requirements below.
  • Similarly, businesses with gross income of less than R100 million can apply for an additional deferral of payments without incurring penalties by emailing us on Note the requirements below.

Please note:

  • SARS has created these dedicated mailboxes for instalment payment arrangements (IPA) on Covid-19 relief requests only. 
  • Any mails received in these mailboxes that are not related to Covid-19 relief instalment payment requests, will be deleted without confirmation of receipt thereof.
  • These email addresses are for Covid-19 requests where the taxpayer has historic non-compliance which make them not to qualify for the relief.   
  • Requests must be made per entity and not at group level. 

Qualifying requirements:

  • A taxpayer must have serious financial hardship which must be attributable to the effects of the COVID-19 disaster;
  • The effects must be substantial and material;
  • The taxpayer must prove to SARS that an IPA is required because of impact of COVID-19 only and if taxpayer succeeds, then the remittance of penalty will be considered.  

When emailing us, please include the following:

  • A letter requesting deferred arrangements, stating the reasons for the request and the specific tax periods. 
  • Latest Annual Financial statements and latest management accounts.
  • A list of debtors and creditors. 
  • Cash flow projections for the next three months.